About the approach

We are born with the innate ability to create changes in our own life and in every session you will learn to use this in order to move forward in your desired direction. Awareness of your body, thoughts, abilities, current situations and personal goals are key factors in each session.  

Each process should help you to overcome obstacles, learn different approaches to chronic conditions, let emotions be experienced throughout these processes, and to gain better clarity of purpose. All of these experiences, along with strengthening interpersonal relationships and improving your general vitality, contribute to an enhanced experience of life.

What Happens in a Session

The intention within a session is to invite you to connect to your own strength and abilities, so you can use them in different situations in your life. This is achieved by using a combination of touch and verbal communication.

In sessions, you are an active partner and your practitioner will guide you through touch and verbal communication, to articulate and explore your individual experiences and goals. You might move through different positions – sitting, lying on a massage table and sometimes standing or moving – according to what will serve your purpose.

It is best to wear comfortable clothes for sessions and you may choose to keep less or more clothing on, according to your comfort level. The first session is normally between 60 to 90 minutes long and later sessions are typically 60 minutes in total.

All practitioners commit themselves to respect the core values and work according to the code of ethics and professional conduct of the Pantarei Approach, which you can find online at www.pantareiapproach.com/about-pantarei

About Jan

As a child I grew up in London around multiple cultures, languages and belief systems, and was exposed to many perspectives of the world.  It taught me to notice the importance of empathy and compassion in a panoply of differing views. Growing up, I often found connection through dancing or playing music, which I started to do professionally – performing and teaching to support people’s creativity and expression.

Working as a musician, dancer and performance-maker, I became fascinated with body awareness and the communicative power of touch, to learn about ourselves and each other.  These things are a basic human need, yet so neglected in our education and society today. We may still engage in physicality and touch, but we may not be encouraged to connect it deeply to our thoughts, feelings or ideas. The body can remain repressed, mystified, inaccessible or unspoken.

Now I am training in the Pantarei Approach, I want to flip this around. Here, in these sessions, we tap into our bodily intelligence while exploring verbal communication. Working with both can give us clarity, strength and empowerment into our personal goals, challenges and desires in our life.

Book a session

Please get in touch to arrange a first session, which typically lasts 60-90 minutes.

Following sessions typically last 60 minutes. The approach works well over a process of sessions – we can discuss what suits your goals, aims and availability during the first few sessions. For a limited time until February 2019, sessions are at a reduced rate of £25 per session.

They take place in a private space in North London, 15 mins walk from Seven Sisters or Turnpike Lane.


Daniel Mang (physiotherapist, bodyworker, movement teacher)
“…The session I had with Jan resonated in my body and mind for a long time after and helped me make some concrete changes in my life.  I was impressed with her as a therapist. I felt safety but also a lot of freedom. I think that might have something to do with her long experience as an improviser in movement and music. Thank you Jan”


Roddy Skeaping (musician)
“Hey Jan, thanks for yet another truly awesome session.”


L. B. (movement practitioner)
“…A gentle but potent session – gentle because Jan held it with care and kindness and potent because there was a sense of …allowing something to unravel in my body and emotions… felt to be a deeply improvised meeting/conversation between the two of us spanning verbal, physical and emotional. In my case it felt like the session continued over the next days.”